Our company BAKILER was established by Fahri Baki and Osman Baki on the date of 31.10.2001. Because of the responsible, fast and safe service it offers to all countries of Europe from Turkey, to exporter companies in the Republic of Turkey, Middle eastern and Asian countries, and besides, to importer companies in all Europe, Turkey, Asia and Middle east, by refreshing itself every new day, it took its place as a leading and elite one among the international transportation companies. Our company adapting the most recent opportunities of the technology into its body at all times, has the objective to provide you with much better service via its rapidly developing and growing vehicle fleet.

Our company aims at the customer satisfaction at the highest level by its experienced and professional drivers since its incorporation, and it will continue to undersign the successful services along this path it drew with your support.


To become an Organization determining the standards in our fields of activity, offering products and services creating value to its customers, providing the International Transportation, Warehousing, Distribution Services in a respectful, trustable, Innovative manner with its Creative Identification.


To become the best in Turkey in the international transportation services by continuously developing its successful position that has been domestically and internationally reached, and “ to become an excellent transportation company” by its advanced technological knowledge, dynamic and capable staff, entrepreneur and discrete customer oriented approaches .


In the order of our values, the service which we offer to our customers, always keeps its priority. We form a common power by combining the cultural characteristics and strong aspects of all of our companies under the roof that we are bound. These are; dependence, high responsibility feeling, experience, quality consciousness, being familiar with the sector, continuous development belief, dependence on the work ethics, having the creative manpower, and using the technology along this direction.


Stems from Our Customers, Employees and Partners.

Are our capable and voluntary employees, our indispensible objective is to provide customer satisfaction, our philosophy of existence is to become the best, or fundamental principle is continuous development, our indispensible mission is the work ethics and working the right way.

To have employees with high emotional intelligence.